Plus-Nyan: Furniture For Cats

Asahi Kasei is challenging us to think about our living spaces a little differently. Instead of the home being a place fitting to human life – which pets are forced to adjust into – the Plus-Nyan House has transformed the home into a cat inclusive living environment. A few notable features are highlighted. furniture-for-cats-7 The Plus-Nyan Home acts as a kind of jungle-gym for cats which is intended to keep pets and pet owners happy. Open beams for cats to walk along and steps along the walls that reach up to the open beams add to the house’s uniqueness. There is a smaller cat door built into every door to make each room accessible for cats to explore. The Plus-Nyan dream home includes hidden cat rooms around the house. There is a darkened room underneath the stairs where cats can enter through two small entranceways and a room in the bathroom, under the bathroom sink. These rooms give cats a private area where they can feel safe if they want to have time alone. furniture-for-cats-6 Many of the materials used in this house are scratch resistant and easy to clean. There is an extra area built into the bathroom designed to hold a litter box. There are also special fences and an closed deck to prevent house cats from escaping. The Plus-Nyan House has been designed so that both human and cat needs can be met in a shared living space. The features of the house have been designed to make cats happy, and if pets are a part of the family then with the Plus-Nyan dream home cats and cat owners can possibly live as “one big happy family.”

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