PLUMEN: Low-Energy, Designer Lightbulb

Unimpressed with the look of the original LED lightbulb? Plumen is a line of energy efficient lightbulbs that are meant to be seen, not hidden. Plumen are designer lightbulbs with sculptural lines, and use 11 watts or less (depending on the model and design). The Plumen 001 was designed by Samuel Wilkinson and won the 2011 “Brit Insurance Design of the Year Award” from the Design Museum in London. The Plumen 002 won “Best British Sustainable Design” in the 2014 ELLE Decoration British Design Awards. Plumen-04 The Plumen 001 is an 11 Watt bulb with dynamic, intertwined tubes. It is available in 120v for North American users, and in 230v for European countries. This energy efficient lightbulb uses 80% less energy than a standard incandescent lightbulb and lasts up to 8 years. It is both beautiful and functional. This lightbulb also comes in a smaller, more compact size.   Plumen-02 The Plumen 002 is the latest design for the New Year. It is a dimmer bulb that emits a warm glow, with simpler design lines than the first Plumen. The new model uses 6 watts of energy and comes in both voltages as well. Plumen lightbulbs are a simple, inexpensive, yet stunning way to spice up your lighting.   Plumen-01

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