Plume: Adaptive WiFi

There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck with a loading screen when you are in dire need of internet. The lurching speed of bad Wifi is a plague for the modern household. But fear not! Now you can rejoice in a new technology that puts this grief to rest! Plume Adaptive Wifi will rescue you from your snail-paced internet woes. Plume accelerates your wireless connection so that you’re experiencing the fastest connection at every given moment. These little pods can be situated in every room so you can work, play and listen everywhere. They fit into any outlet. Plume was created as a solution to the unreliability of router connectivity which only works when you place them in just the right place. In comparison, Plume places the router in the Cloud and adapts to the various devices of your home. Therefore, it is the world’s first self-optimizing Wifi. Additionally, Plume learns you and your family’s daily internet habits so, if your family loves to wind down after dinner, Plume adapts to handle several devices all at once. Plume is constantly learning and uses this information to delegate your bandwidth. It knows that your thermostat doesn’t require as much as your TV, so every device runs perfectly smooth at the same time with just what they need. Plume avoids interference from sources outside of the home so you’re able to enjoy streaming and connection without any interruptions. You can download the accompanying app to monitor bandwidth, guest access, and details on the Wifi right on your phone. Plume gives you the power of the entire home right at your fingers to ensure everything runs smoothly. It’s a smart device that parallels the growth of your family and their ever-evolving lifestyle needs. These tiny pods can accentuate the home through small details; they’re sleek and modern and set up is exceptionally easy. They come in gold, silver, and onyx. The Plume kit comes with 6 pods, enough for the common household to experience seamless connection. Simply just plug them into the outlet and get lost in the cloud. It doesn’t matter where you are in your house, Plume has you covered.

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