In an era where electronic devices are considered an important part of our daily lives, the constant need to recharge such devices sometimes presents some challenges: where to charge? any other available sockets? what to unplug? So it’s a good thing that the creative minds from Form Us With Love have come up with their functional Plug Lamp.

plug lamp02

The Plug Lamp is a desk lamp integrated with a socket for easier access to recharge your computer, laptop, smartphone and other gadgets.

plug lamp03

The lamp body is made of opal glass shade, while the base is made of die-cast aluminum. The socket is integrated in the center part of the base, which is salient but unobtrusive.

plug lamp04

The Plug Lamp is an ideal lamp in places like hotels, restaurants, cafes and other public places where people’s electronics recharge while they take a break from the city. It’s also a great lamp for an office desk or bedside table as the light is dimmable.

plug lamp05


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