Playful, Healthy Plates to Encourage Better Eating

Mexico has the unfortunate distinction of being the country with the highest obesity rate in the world. It’s predicted that this generation of children will most likely love shorter lives than their parents. Due to this massive obesity problem, Ogilvy & Mather (one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world) has joined up with Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Program and Mexican campaign Unidos Por Niños Saludables (United for Healthier Kids), in order to come up with a solution to childhood obesity. The agency developed brilliant ideas that includes making healthy eating more fun for kids by turning their plates into playful objects. Playful-Plates-to-Encourage-Healthier-Eating-02 The Ogilvy agency has made this incredible selection of 14 unique playful tools to help kids enjoy their meals and snacks. In this case, different plates matching healthy vegetables turns meals into adventures, while encouraging the kids to eat their veggies. This includes turning broccolis into tiny trees, tomato sauce into volcano, and cauliflower into clouds with an airplane passing through. Playful-Plates-to-Encourage-Healthier-Eating-03 There are much more incredible design solutions in this campaign than these playful, healthy plates. Three million people have participated on the online platform, giving huge support of this campaign on social media. This will not only help the children in Mexico, but by supporting this idea it will help the future generation of children worldwide. Video:

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