Platypus Submarine: Innovative Watercraft

Planet Earth: one-third land, two-thirds water. Planet Earth is a beautiful place, but it’s time to start exploring the underwater world. Platypus Craft is a French company, founded in 2009, dedicated to the design of innovative watercrafts. More specifically, invented by François Alexandre Bertrand, the Platypus is an innovative watercraft that combines boating and sailing with diving. watercraft-1 On “boating/sailing mode,” appreciate the beautiful scenery above the clear water; then, switch to “diving mode” and visit the mysterious underwater world. The Platypus can take you on an underwater adventure up to a depth of two meters– ideal for those who may deal with claustrophobia, those who don’t know how to swim, or for anyone who simply wants to explore the underwater world. One may compare this to a snorkeling experience, but in a user-friendlier and more comfortable way. watercraft-3 Most importantly, this innovative watercraft is safe. The cockpit is equipped with a digital system, which includes a waterproof screen and surface cameras, allowing for a 360° viewing angle. Likewise, air is provided, meaning that there’s no need for a tank. Platypus is also automatically set with caged propellers on the engines to further create a safe experience. Another cool feature included is an underwater communication system, which allows you to share your experiences and stay connected via Wi-Fi and GPS. watercraft-4 Above all, you don’t have to be an expert to use this fun, playful, and new way of experiencing breathtaking views. With simple and easy-to-use controls, continue being your natural, adventure-seeking, nature-loving self, all while exploring a whole new, underwater world. For more details, check out Platypus’ cool page here!

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