Plantui Smart Garden

Gardening has gained a reputation for being therapeutic, but at the end of the day, it still consists of hard work. Can you imagine if you were to eliminate the weather conditions, watering, and psychical labour attached to growing your own food? Someone has done just that. Plantui is a smart garden that self-waters and regulates the growth of your greens. Plantui-02 This product is a fully automated smart garden. Your crops will never die because you’ll never run the risk of forgetting to water them. They will always have enough sunlight and no predators will ruin them. If you’re searching for the optimal gardening conditions, these are it. Plantui-05 You can grow up to six different kinds of greens at once with Plantui. This can range from herbs to salads, to any edible seeds and etc–the arrangements are entirely up to you. Plantui-04 Here’s how it works. Plantui Smart Gardens are hydroponic devices, which means that no soil is used. The plant capsules are rockwool plugs, that have seeds inside. The plant nutrients are provided with the plant capsule packages, and that nutrient mix is added to water. There are 18 lights that recreate photosynthesis within Plantui, all of which are controlled by an automatic computer within the product. The water cycle pumps water into the roots 1 to 7 times a day and always ensures the plants get juts enough of it. Lastly, there is a scalable height system. This is put in place to gauge how much space each individual plant needs to grow to its full potential while retaining all its nutrients. Plantui-06 No matter what you’ve decided to plant, all produce takes up to 5 to 8 weeks to grow within this smart garden. There is very little assembly, and no gardening skills are required prior to. Essentially, the built-in technology of Plantui will do all the work while you sit back and reap the rewards. Plantui-03 The only real work this product requires is filling up its water supply at large. It holds 3 liters of water and when it runs out, a blue light will start flashing. This only occurs every few weeks. Plantui-07 To purchase your own Plantui or find out more about this smart garden, click here.

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