Planks: Workbench Inspired Furniture

The material has been used repeatedly since human kind began to advance itself but, nevertheless, don’t be fooled by its simple wood design. Part of the Planks Collection by Max Lamb, a British designer, this workbench was showcased in the London Design Festival of 2015, an annual design event consisting of over 400 exhibitions. Max-Lamb-Planks-Benchmark-table-bench-02 Lamb partnered with Benchmark, a design-led business based in the United Kingdom, to create a workbench that was both aesthetic to the eyes and highly functional as well. At first glance, Planks appears to be a typical dinner table, but take away its components and you will see that right in the middle of the surface is a compartment that allows you to storage items. Like in the picture below, you can place kitchen utensils for ease of access. Max-Lamb-Planks-Benchmark-table-bench-06 What makes a design even more captivating is when it’s eco-friendly. Lamb used different length material pieces to prevent wood waste. He made sure that the use of the extra wood pieces from previous projects would not diminish Planks quality. So, with effort and an eye for beauty and functionality, Lamb’s workbench was crafted and smoothed with as less wood grain as possible. Max-Lamb-Planks-Benchmark-table-bench-05 Thank you Lamb for this eco-friendly workbench with such a unique storage location and simple design.

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