Pizza Box: The Tabletop Pizza Oven

If a pizza box is a staple on your kitchen counter, this pizza oven was made for you. CuiZen, creators of small kitchen appliances, bring us the Pizza Box pizza oven. A pizza oven designed to look like a pizza box. This compact, square oven cooks fresh pizza, frozen pizza, and can reheat cold pizza. For a person or family that eats a lot of pizza, this little device makes the cooking process easy and quick. pizza-box-02 The Pizza Box was designed with simplicity in mind; both the appliance itself and the controls are easy to understand and use. There are only two controls: one for the temperature, which can go up to 525ºF, and one for the oven timer. The device has a stainless steel body, with heating elements on both the top and bottom to cook pizza evenly. The pizza pan that fits into the oven is 12 inches in diameter, and the pan is slowly rotated while in the oven to ensure even cooking. Pizza-box-oven-02 It all adds up to a nice hot, fresh pizza without having to preheat your entire oven. If there’s going to be a pizza box on your counter, it should be this one. University students, eat your heart out. Pizza-box-oven-03

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