Pixie: See Where Your Lost Items Are

Trying to find a lost item is an added frustration that can cause a lot of stress in our daily lives. Unfortunately it is also a frequent occurrence. How many times have you lost your keys this week? Can you find that pair of headphones you left somewhere in your house? Searching for lost items can be difficult and cause anger, delays, and added conflicts if you are already running late. The solution to that problem has been solved by Pixie, an attachable tracker to help you keep track and manage your items. Pixie tags have an adhesive attached to the back of them so you can stick it on anything you need! The tag works within a geographical range of 30-50 ft indoors, and up to 100 ft outdoors. If the tagged item is out of range, the app will save its location from when it was last in range. To use these tags, you must attach one to your smartphone, and link the other tags through the featured Pixie app, specially designed to make finding your lost things quick and easy. Other location tracking gadgets often feature an alarm or a sound that rings to locate the item, or a vague location indicator that is not that accurate. Pixie has solved the major issues presented with other tracking gadgets by integrating the device with a smartphone app. To find a lost item, simply click on the item name, and the Pixie app will tell you its location. Once you are in the general area of the tag, you can use a camera on the app to find where the item is. The camera searches for the tag and the lost item illuminates with “pixie dust” so you know exactly where it is. The Pixie is a more effective and accurate way of keeping track of your lost items!

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