Pico Cablox: Cool Cable Organizer

In today’s technologically advanced yet busy and hectic world, our homes, office spaces, and workplaces can sometimes mirror exactly what’s happening in our lives. Our environments are beyond cluttered with technologies, cables, wires, and extension cords, and being surrounded by this overwhelming amount of long cables can make us feel tangled, unorganized, and unproductive. That’s why, cable management is essential. Many users are familiar with previous versions of Cablox, the cool cable organizer: the original 8×8 Cablox and the 2×8 Mini Cablox. Now, the newest and smallest version– the 2×2 Pico Cablox– combines sleek design and convenience. pico-cablox-6 So, how does Cablox work? “Simply squeeze your cords and cables between the rows of plastic knobs. If you want to remove your cables, just pull them out. It’s like Velcro for cables!” You could put cords of varying thicknesses between those rows. From thinner cables, such as the ones from your phone charger or USB cable, to thicker cables, including the ones from your printer or monitor, there’s never been a cooler way to organize all your cables. pico-cablox-2 A neat feature is the adhesive backing, which sticks underneath desks or behind home entertainment centers. Pico Cablox features sleek and slim design, which allows for easy placement on edges of your furniture. pico-cablox-3 Truth is: we try to convince ourselves that we’ll keep our spaces organized and tidy; however, there are just too many more important priorities on our “To-Do” lists, which is why we should simply leave cable management up to Cablox. Nowadays, with so many high-tech gadgets, it’s easy to get caught up with all of the technologies. At the same time, it has never been easier to manage all your cords and cables. This must-have will make studying and working a lot more efficient, as you’ll be more organized and your surroundings will be less cluttered, allowing you to stay focused and be productive. Check out the Kickstarter page to see how you could back this project and get your very own cable management essentials. pico-cablox-5

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