Peruse: The Piano Coatrack

Designed by Patrick Seha, Piano is an award winning coat hanger. That’s right, this inanimate object has won an award, now allow me to explain why. The wall-mounted piece lives up to its praise through its simplistic design, efficiency and strategic size. piano02 It’s elegant and practical form is inspired by piano keys – hence the name. The keys, being the hanger hooks, are retractable and reliable making it possible to hang or place just about anything onto them. They move easily, quickly and create an artistic statement all the while. Hanging coats has never been this much fun. From jackets, purses and umbrellas, to newspapers or surfboards, Piano will not disappoint you or your guests. Given its height, you are able to organize and place your things according to size, and are not limited to the traditional five hook hanger. piano03 Manufactured to a high standard of quality, this multi-purpose rack is made out of top grade FSC-labelled wood. It is available in four colours; Black, Walnut, Oak and White. Piano is also designed as an outdoor furnishing product, made out of teak to withstand the weather. piano04 It is available in two sizes; small (16” by 58”) with 20 adjustable hooks, or broad (32” by 58”) with 48 hooks. What’s even easier than hanging things onto Piano is its assembly. The piece comes with a mounting block that requires 3-4 bolts and two side panels. The set up is a four step process which includes: mounting the back drop, clicking the rack into place, adjusting the side panels and securing the side bolts. piano007 Since this product is made exclusively in Europe, its partners have insured flat packaging for world-wide shipping convenience. This reduces the hangers carbon footprint throughout production and transportation. You can view the full collection here, as well as store locations near you.

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