Phree: Write Virtually Anywhere

With touchscreens practically taking over the world of technology, those of us with sausage fingers are struggling, to put it mildly.  From too-small screens to imprecise movements, sometimes what you’re aiming to draw or write doesn’t quite translate on-screen the way you were hoping.  Even with a stylus, most screens don’t exactly make the best writing or drawing surfaces.  OTM Technologies of Israel have changed the way we approach technologically writing with their latest creation, Phree.  A pen-like device, Phree allows you to transform any surface into your very own digital paper.  Write or draw anywhere with the gadget, and your work will appear instantly on your phone, tablet, or smart device of your choosing. phree_02 (738x492) The pen works using a 3D laser interferometer. OTM Technologies has designed the world’s smallest sensor to fit in the tip of the pen that reads the movements of the lasers as they interfere with any surface.  In turn, these movements are relayed to your smart device using Bluetooth technology; every word that you scrawl or line that you trace is transmitted to the screen of your device.  Phree provides you with a precision and comfort previously unattainable with just your finger or stylus. phree_04 (738x488) Adding to Phree’s capabilities, this little guy is also able to double as a headset for audio communication.  With a built-in microphone and speaker, receiving calls is effortless; there’s no need to switch back and forth between devices.  To select which function you wish to use at any moment, Phree is somewhat ironically equipped with its own touchscreen that displays the time and function icons.  With a simple swipe or tap, you can write to your hearts desire, or chat with a friend. phree_03 (738x497) So if you’re interested in reconnecting with the old-age magic (and ease) of physically writing without straying from the convenience of digitized content, check out Phree!

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