Phonebloks: Lego Smartphone

Designers have long struggled with two conflicting ideologies: the need for products to keep up with technology versus the principle of creating long-lasting products. Dutch designer Dave Hakkens thought deeply about the state of our smartphone industry and knew it was far too wasteful. That’s when he came up with the idea for a “lego” smartphone. phonebloks-lego-system-for-smartphones-03 Say hello to Phonebloks. It is a concept for a customizable smartphone made out of detachable blocks. It gives the user the power to easily modify functionality, replace broken parts, and upgrade old parts. phonebloks-lego-system-for-smartphones-04 The blocks are connected to a base where every user-modified block can be tightly held together. The idea is to create a platform where the community can develop universal innovations to meet specific needs – solar-powered batteries, screen for the visually-impaired, etc. phonebloks-lego-system-for-smartphones-05 The Phonebloks idea can apply to tablets as well. Although still a concept, this type of thinking is what we need in the face of technological abundance. Video:

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