Personal Robot: Advanced Home Automation System

We may not have hover cars filling our skies or helmets that project our thoughts visually just yet, but the world of artificial intelligence is already here, and her name is Maya. personal-robot-advanced-home-05 Maya, created by Duy, founder and CEO of Robotbase, is a Personal Robot made to make your everyday life easier. She may not look like a robotic human, standing at just over 4 feet with nothing more but an oval screen and avatar for a face and lithe body and base, but the Personal Robot can do just about anything a human can do. personal-robot-advanced-home-04 Seeing, moving, speaking, and listening are all at her disposal as she recognizes new faces, wakes you up in the morning, and glides around from room to room as your own personal helper. The beauty of Maya is that she learns. Connecting to appliances in the household, she can start the coffee machine as the day begins and is even able to verbally communicate whether your clothes match. Her technology is so advanced that she is able to create blueprints of her surroundings to navigate efficiently, and her face recognition software gives her human-like traits. A key element to her design is that she is not simply a mobile computer. personal-robot-advanced-home-02 The Personal Robot is a home monitoring system. She communicates with connected devices through Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and WI-FI. The bot is able to adjust your heater by feeling the changing temperatures, able to activate your alarm system, and is even able to send you regular updates and visual feeds of every room. The Personal Robot eases the mind for the nights away from home. personal-robot-advanced-home-03 The Personal Robot is compact, taking up no more room than a standing fan. Its features include a 3D depth camera, noise cancelling microphone array technology, HD speakers, an LCD capacitive touchscreen, numerous sensors, and more. The future is here with a Maya in every home and in every business to make your life a little bit easier.

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