Peres: The Electronic Food Sniffer

Pitted against technology, our noses might not be doing a good enough job when it comes to checking our meats. Augustas Alesiunas worked with Darius Gailius and a team to create Peres: an electronic device that smells meats to determine their quality and freshness. As is the trend among many product designers today, Peres is a handheld device that sends information to an app on your smartphone. peres-the-electronic-food-sniffer-3 Peres can be used to smell poultry, beef, pork, and fish. It simply detects whether meats are fresh or not. More complexly, it detects if the meat has been out of the fridge for a dangerous period of time—making it hazardous to eat. Because Peres can make a more accurate judgment about the quality and freshness of meats, potential food waste can be more effectively managed. peres-the-electronic-food-sniffer-1 Peres has been designed to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. To use it simply aim the device a few inches above the meat product you decide to test and press the one button labeled “Get”. Inside Peres, four different sensors test the air around the meat for humidity, ammonia, temperature, and volatile organic compounds. Then via Bluetooth, the information is sent to an app on your phone or tablet. Peres is both iOS and Android compatible. peres-the-electronic-food-sniffer-2 Peres is available in 5 colours so the device can be personalized to fit your kitchen and your lifestyle. You might want to use Peres to test store meats before you purchase them. In this sense, it becomes a portable accessory for use in public. Peres makes it easy to ensure that you and your family or guests are eating the healthiest meat products available. peres-the-electronic-food-sniffer-5 Peres has the potential to change our relationship with meat, poultry, and fish. The electronic nose acts as a supplement to our natural nose by quickly processing data about freshness and quality—all simplified on a convenient app.  Now that’s some food forward thinking.

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