Percko: The Perfect Posture Shirt

If you suffer from the occasional backache, know that you’re not alone. In fact, 80% of the world’s population will suffer from back troubles during their lives. On average, we spend approximately a third of our day in poorly seated positions, which only perpetuates the problem.  French entrepreneurs Quentin Perraudeau and Alexis Ucko recognized the opportunity in such a universal issue. Drawing from Quentin’s judo experience (which centres greatly around correct posture), they sought to create a solution that encouraged proper posture through active stimulation as opposed to passive support. A year later, the duo came out with Percko, a posture-improving undershirt. percko_07Percko’s design uses strategically placed sensors and impulses to stimulate the lower back and spine area. By doing so, it encourages you to position your spine into the ideal “S” figure. What’s more, the light, breathable material’s corrective motion also helps to align the head, thorax, and pelvis accordingly.percko_03Made of a highly inconspicuous fabric, Percko molds to your body like a second skin and can be worn by individuals of all lifestyles. Whether you’re exercising, working, or lounging, Percko is well-suited for you.percko_04Percko is available as a v-neck undershirt in either black or sand for men, and as a sleeveless tank in black or mauve for women. Sizing runs from XS to XL for both styles. It does not require a charge or power source, making it entirely machine-washable for absolute convenience. percko_06 (738x492)Tested extensively by the osteopathic and bio-mechanical specialists at Ostéobio and Cogitobio, 100% of Percko wearers saw an improvement in their posture. Accordingly, the undershirt boasts the ability to improve your stability and balance by 35%, helping you to breathe more easily, carry yourself better, and feel greater overall. percko_05So stop ignoring the dull ache in your lower back as you read these words, likely slouched over your device.  Do yourself a favour, and check out Percko for a healthier, more upstanding life.

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