Perch: The Sit-to-Stand Desk

We’ve all heard about the studies, and we’ve been told time and time again: sitting for too long is detrimental to our health.  However, when your typical 9:00-5:00 job requires you to sit at your desk, or when you’re stuck in multiple 3-hour lectures a week, staying on your behind seems unavoidable.  But perhaps not for long.  A Utah-based company by the name of Perch Products has designed Perch, a “revolutionary sit-to-stand desk”.  In just seconds, this desk can be adjusted from a traditional seated desk to a contemporary standing desk, or vice versa. perch_desk_02 (738x492) The product comes in two different sizes, 29 inches and 38 inches.  The 29-inch option is equipped with two full-width desktops, which can be set lower or higher to accommodate a wide range of heights. perch_desk_06 (738x492) The adjustability of Perch is courtesy of a precisely designed system of notches and hooks—no screws, nuts, or bolts necessary here.  An added bonus is that everything fits snuggly, so you won’t have to worry about wobbling or shifting while you work. The 38-inch option comes with one full-width desk, and two additional half-width platforms.  The split-level feature allows you to place different sized monitors on either shelf, and adjust them accordingly to both sit at your personal eye-level. perch_desk_01 (738x492) With only six parts for the narrow desk or eight parts for the wide desk, the entire contraption can easily be assembled in under a minute. perch_desk Perch is also ergonomically built so that regardless of your position (seated or standing), your arms remain at an optimal 90-degree angle for comfort.  Furthermore, the depth of the desktops are designed to ensure that your eyes are always a safe 20-25 inches away from the screen.  And because Perch creators care about the little things too, Perch includes a cord management feature; you can easily string cables through the  built-in platform holes to avoid having to creatively reroute them. perch_desk_05 (738x489) This sit-to-stand desk goes for a mere $179 USD, the most affordable piece of its kind on the market.  Highly anticipated, Perch met its crowdfunding goal just two hours after being launched.  Good news: there’s still one day left before the campaign ends!  So, head over to the Perch page, back this revolutionary product, and give your behind a rest. Check out Perch creator Nick Salibury’s video to learn more about Perch:

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