PenMoto: Digital Tool for Artists

If you’re an artist and you use a Wacom, you know how uncomfortable it could get to constantly switch from drawing on your tablet to typing on the keyboard. Do you try to hold the stylus between your fingers, bite it in between your lips, or rest it on your ear? PenMoto solves this problem with its innovative ring-like design, so that you can essentially wear your stylus. penmoto-3 The stylus pen is attached to the ring through a magnetic force. With the flip of a finger, the pen rotates into a horizontal position tangent to your index finger, out of the way so that you can type freely. penmoto-1 Additionally, PenMoto comes with a tabletop holder to store your stylus when it is not in use, reducing the chance it rolls away and gets lost. penmoto-5 Video:

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