Peg-It-All: Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf

Designed by Kreisdesign, Peg-It-All is the perfect storage system for those seeking a shelving unit that is both simple yet different; it complements a space in an unassuming yet eye-catching way.   peg-it-all-02 By utilizing a peg system, this design is completely customizable. Individually, the pegs can be used to hang individual items. Additionally, two pegs can be fitted to hold up another support, thus creating a functional shelf. Depending on the size of the pegboard ordered, you can design an organizational system to fit every need and every vision.   peg-it-all-05 The Peg-It-All makes this long adored storage solution more universal. Unlike the more practical and blunt pegboard designs found in workplaces and studios, the design of the Peg-It-All is a little more streamlined. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes and can bring a modern touch to any kitchen, children’s bedroom, foyer, etc. The board is made from heavy-duty Birch plywood and offers quality and durability.   peg-it-all-01 Perhaps the most attractive aspect of this design is that it is exactly that– attractive. It has the potential for users to stylishly display decorative pieces and artwork. Whenever a space is malleable, an opportunist can take advantage of its minimalistic possibilities. For instance, the chef can highlight his best cooking ware with the Chef’s Edition Pegboard, or the plant lover can display some of his favourite succulents with the Wall-Mounted Storage Panel. The options are endless! To purchase a Peg-It-All, please visit the Kreisdesign Website.   peg-it-all-06

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