Pedal Forward: Bamboo Bicycle

Pedal Forward is a highly affordable bicycle that has a philanthropic ripple effect. Although it’s hard to believe, bamboo is durable and lightweight, it boasts a higher shock absorbency than any other material used in manufacturing bicycles. It even weighs less than aluminum. Best of all, bamboo is cheap. A Pedal Forward bicycle rings in at $500 (four times lower than the cost of any other bamboo bicycle on the market). pedal-forward-04 The company’s initiative is mostly borne from its desire to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Depending on location, a Pedal Forward bicycle can mean better access to education, water, healthcare, etc. Proceeds from bicycles sold in the United States will be directed towards providing impoverished areas in the Global South with units of their own.   pedal-forward-03 With its rising popularity, Pedal Forward hopes to begin manufacturing bicycles in the locations that need them the most, thus providing communities with better transportation and possible employment. The evolution of the Pedal Forward design demonstrates leaps and bounds in aesthetic appeal. The final product is simple and universal. This bicycle looks lightweight and well-made while the green details speak to its eco-friendly nature.   pedal-forward-02 As an affordable bicycle, Pedal Forward is there for the urban dweller commuting to work on a busy morning. It’s an initiative seeking to alleviate urban congestion, and by default, helps encourage healthier lifestyles. For the community in need, one bicycle can positively impact up to five people. Pedal Forward is a well-made design, working to make a positive and philanthropic difference in today’s world. To learn more about its expansive goals, visit Pedal Forward’s successful Kickstarter Page and Website.  

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