Pavilion: A Sleek Architectural Speaker

A speaker is just a speaker, right?  But what if it could be a beautifully artistic speaker that was also high-performing? L.A.-based creative technology company Hult Corporation has designed what is arguably the prettiest, high resolution speaker: Pavilion. pavillion_speaker_02 Pavilion uses a combination of quality materials to boost its audio performance.  A high-density concrete base limits any pesky vibration that occurs with typical speaker units, ensuring sound travels crisply and clearly.  You’ll notice that it stands upright, as opposed to most Bluetooth speakers that tend to lie horizontally.  With a 360-degree speaker surface, Pavilion sends audio out evenly, in all directions.  And that gorgeous copper spiral?  It’s not just for looks. The coil actually enhances the bass, allowing it resonate to its full potential. Pavilion-speakers-03 Pavilion is easily powered up with the push of a button found on the side of its concrete base.  If you’re looking to connect a wired device, an audio port just beneath allows you to do so.  And underneath that is an AC-adapter port for you to charge up the speaker’s rechargeable batteries.  Hult’s speaker also has touch play controls on its fine, North American oak top.  With just the touch of a finger, you can play or pause the sound, or adjust the volume. pavilion-speaker-05 (738x475) The speaker also connects to any Bluetooth technology compatible device, including Android and Apple products.  With that being said, it also has wireless capabilities to link to a second speaker if you want to mimic a surround-sound effect. Pavilion-speakers-04 (738x493) So jazz up your style with Hult’s beautifully crafted and technologically advanced Pavilion speaker.

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