Pastry-Inspired Furniture by StudioPINE

Ukranian design firm StudioPINE has created CAKE, a decadent line of furniture inspired by the shape and texture of cakes and pastries. The collection includes a series of oblong sofas and circular chairs with backs that curve around to form armrests. The emerald green upholstery coupled with its shiny chrome based legs make each piece of CAKE a treat to admire and lounge in. The curvy silhouette of the sofas and armchairs create a cozy and cocoon-like seating area that users can easily relax in while the steel bases of the furniture maintain a sense of chic sophistication. Created for use in public spaces, the CAKE furniture line would be a modern addition to any bar, restaurant, or cafe. The circular armchairs, which mimic the pillowy and circular shape of a macaron, make the chairs both soft and inviting to melt into. The luxurious velvet upholstery on both the sofas and chairs allow the pieces to appear as enticing and delicious as the confections they were designed after. The studio behind the CAKE furniture line aspired to create a line of furniture that diverged from style stereotypes and pure classical and modern design. The studio took inspiration from the feelings of the people for whom the line of furniture was intended (individuals frequenting cafes and restaurants). StudioPINE has masterfully captured the feeling of eating a warm soft confection in every piece of the CAKE collection and has created an appetizing and unique line of furniture that will no doubt satisfy any sweet tooth.

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