The “I Could Eat a Horse” Pasta Measurer: How Hungry Are You?

It’s something we’ve all struggled with while cooking for ourselves or for a crowd–how do I make the right amount of food? The “I Could Eat a Horse” pasta measurer will ensure you cook the perfect amount of pasta every time, depending on who’s eating and how hungry they are. Created by the European design company Dioy, this measuring tool is simple, fun, and whimsical. eat-a-horse-measure-02 The “I Could Eat a Horse” is a flat sheet of acrylic with shapes that have been cut out. Each shape corresponds to a measurement. How hungry are you? Do you need enough pasta to feed a child? A woman? A man? A horse?! Simply fill the desired desired shape with pasta, and you’ve got the perfect serving! This great measuring device also comes in “I Could Eat a T-Rex” and “I Could Eat a Unicorn” versions too. eat-a-horse-measure-03   This tongue-in-cheek measuring tool is a simple, functional, and actually sort of cute tool to satisfy all of your pasta measuring needs! This could also be a great way to get children engaged with their food and is a tactile method for teaching children about portion sizes. The “I Could Eat a Horse” pasta measurer and its variations are all fun additions to any kitchen. eat-a-horse-measure-04  

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