Parrot Teleprompter: A DSLR Accessory For Independent Artists

The Parrot is a compact teleprompter that fits over a DSLR lens. Lightweight, durable, and affordable, the Parrot is perfect for independent film makers. Invented by Brigham Arce, this is a new, compact, and re-imagined teleprompter that can help bring a professional quality to video with a fraction of the cost of a traditional teleprompter set up.   Parrot-03 To make the Parrot compact and affordable, Arce kept the basics of a teleprompter, but changed the materials and scale of the device. The hood that fits over the camera lens and the mirror inside were shrunk down to a smaller size. The mirror is made out of an acrylic 2-way mirror that is stronger and more durable than the traditional mirror, and also costs much less to produce. Instead of a LCD screen to project the words into the mirror, the Parrot has a spring-loaded clasp that holds a smartphone. The words appearing on the smartphone’s screen are projected towards the person in front of the camera.   Parrot-04 There’s also an app for that! With the Parrot’s teleprompter app, you can edit scripts on your phone and use them immediately on the same device. The app allows the user to change the font, font size, colour, and the speed of the words. With its affordable retail price of $150, the Parrot is a great option for indie filmmakers. This Kickstarter project surpassed its goal this January, and is slated for shipping in May 2015.   Video:

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