Parqer Glass: Wineglass for the Outdoors

Picture yourself sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying some good food, laughter, and drinks at the family cottage, your favourite beach, or on a camping trip with friends. Whichever scenario sparks the most excitement, without a doubt, you’re aware of the importance of being prepared in order to have this good time. For instance, packing outdoor lifestyle essentials, such as the Parqer Glass, will complete any trip. wine-glass-4 The Parqer Glass is a classic wineglass for the outdoors. It has a strong, pointy tip made of aluminum at the bottom of the glass, allowing it to be “parked” in soft surfaces, like sand and soil. It stands tall and proud on even the most unbalanced grounds — be it near the cottage or on the beach. This must-have is a practical, spill-proof glass for your outdoor lifestyle. wine-glass-2 The Parqer Glass was designed by ­­­Dorine Vos. Vos’ product design won the 2016 Red Dot Design Award — an award that recognizes and awards excellent product design. The modern design brings you a classy yet fun wine drinking experience. It comes in various colours, which includes silver, black, gold, and green. As the 2016 Red Dot Design Award’s jury states: “With all the convenience it offers, this innovative product makes drinking a glass of wine in the outdoors in style an enjoyable experience.” So, go ahead, enjoy a glass…or a few. wine-glass-3 The Parqer Glass, packed in a sustainable plastic case, comes in pairs. Although summer has come to an end, you could take and use your Parqer Glass year-round. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is red or white wine. Cheers! wine-glass-5

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