Panton Chair: High Resistance Foam Chair

During the 1960s, an innovative danish designer by the name of Verner Panton swept the world of architecture with his unique designs.  One of the first to explore the world of single, fluid, monobloc chairs, Panton aimed to create one that would appear to “grow out of the floor”.  He partnered with Vitra to produce the Panton Chair. The definition of minimalism, this nature-inspired chair is a singular piece of pressed rigid polyurethane foam.  Taking on an organic S-shape, it truly does appear to flow out from the ground beneath it. panton_chair_01 The chair’s simplicity makes it suitable for any space, from the kitchen dining table to the office conference room.  One solid colour, its high-gloss, lacquered finish gives it that classic retro look fitting of Panton’s original era of creation. Vitra now produces three different versions of the design.  The Panton Chair Classic is, as the name implies, the original, classic glossy version that comes in three colours: red, white, and black. panton_chair_03-738x492 A second style, the Panton Chair, is a matted version of the chair that also comes in black and white, but has additional colours, including ice grey, chartreuse, and tangerine.  This model is suitable for outdoor use as well.  It is UV resistant- you won’t have to worry about the sun damaging the chair or altering its colouring. panton_chair_06-738x477 Finally, the third version is a miniature chair for all of the little ones in your life.  The Panton Junior is approximately twenty-five percent smaller than the original, and is available in white, tangerine, lime, light blue, and light pink.  Just like the Panton Chair, the smaller version is also a matte finish, and perfect for children’s playrooms. panton_chair_07-738x505 Beautifully shaped with a style and colour for everyone, the Panton Chair is a timeless and fuss-less classic that will surely suit any space. panton_chair_05-738x492

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