Palka: Turn Corded Lights Into Chandeliers

A good industrial designer can revamp everyday objects with a new outlook, giving fresh perspectives to items that hold little to no aesthetic value—like standard corded light bulbs. With Palka, you can now turn corded light sockets into a chandelier! Designed by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov, Palka is a simple wooden system in the shape of a support bracket. It can hold up to five light sockets and uses the bulbs’ cords to create the look of a chandelier. Misonzhnikov’s Palka is unique because it does not limit you to five corded light bulbs. You can use two or three instead. This means that the appearance of the chandelier changes depending on how many corded light sockets you use! Palka is made with a central module and arm-like pieces that nuzzle into the module to create a chandelier shape. At the end of each wooden arm-like unit is a hole for the cords to slip through. Misonzhnikov is an industrial designer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and has won numerous awards for his designs. He learned about expression, simplicity, accuracy, and clarity of composition from observing buildings located on the outskirts of Saint Petersburg. He used this childhood knowledge and applied it to his designs for furniture and lighting. Misonzhnikov also identifies himself as a journalist and has been the blog editor for tutdesign since 2010.

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