Palette: An Interface That Controls Any Software

The Palette gear, Created by Calvin Chu, is the first ever free-form hardware interface customized to your personal requirements. Palette-Interface-That -Controls-Any -Software-01 This device offers hands-on control of your favourite software, thereby empowering the user to build a physical interface as per their own desire. The Palette also results in enhancing your creativity, productivity and experience like never before. Palette-Interface-That -Controls-Any -Software-02 It is a hardware platform, featuring various modules and kits. Each kit has a single physical input module such as button, dial or a slider and you can snap these modules together like pieces of Lego. It’s the perfect device for a gamer, photographer, or music lover as each Palette module also features built in RGB LEDs. Palette-Interface-That -Controls-Any -Software-03 Depending on your use and requirements you can select the kit of your choice from the available sets of — Aluminum Starter Kit that includes 4 Modules: 1 Power with Color Screen, 1 Button, 1 Dial, and 1 Slider; the Aluminum Expert Kit includes: 8 Modules, 1 Power with Color Screen, 2 Buttons, 3 Dials, and 2 Sliders; the Aluminum Professional Kit includes: 16 Modules, 1 Power with Color Screen, 4 Buttons, 5 Dials, 6 Sliders; and the Wood Professional Kit that includes: 16 Modules, 1 Power with Color Screen, 4 Buttons, 5 Dials, 6 Sliders. Palette-Interface-That -Controls-Any -Software-04 With Palette, you don’t require any coding or soldering, it is simple and amazing apart from being a totally personalized tool. Moreover it is tactile with touch sensitivity as well granular control, which means that you don’t need to keep glancing down and slowing your work. Palette-Interface-That -Controls-Any -Software-05 Video:

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