ONLY Paintbrush: Useful Wonder Brush

Created by designer Christopher Crowley, the ONLY paintbrush is a useful wonder brush. Its designer claims that ONLY brush is made to rule them all. Just one simple brush, which is good and clever enough to replace any and all other brushes. Hence the designer gave such a name to this extraordinary brush, though an ordinary product. Only-Paintbrush-001 With ONLY brush at your disposal, you can do a wonder to all your DIY projects. Most of the time, while working on your DIY paint projects, you end up ruining your nice brushes just after one use. Either the brushes get dried up, or ruined with mangled bristles. And you are left with no choice but to throw away the ruined, old brush and buy a brand new one for your next rounds. Only-paintbrush-02 Featuring a silicon base that can be stretched after use, the ONLY brushes can be cleaned and deep cleaned. The area between their bristles where the paint builds up can thereby easily be cleaned. Only-Paintbrush-03 The ONLY Paintbrush won First Place at IHA Student Design Competition 2016. This brush comes with a handy cap that serves as a cover and protects the brush. All safe and set for the next use and so rightly named as this, indeed, is the ONLY one and last paintbrush you will need for all your DIY paint projects. Only-Paintbrush-04

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