Pack Series : DIY Stool For Summer

The Pack Series is a duo set of DIY stools, one for the bar and one otherwise designed to be the perfect fit to your summer. A combination of striking metal, solid wood and bold colours makes this item not only functional and easy to use but also decorative as it adds a splash of colour to your living room, or rather any part of your house. pack_series_diy_stool_04 This cool set is designed by TakeHomeDesign. This is a group that designs its furniture to have a simple look with a feel of style and sophistication, all made out of good quality and long-lasting materials. In a bid to share their passions with their clients and encourage clients to get a feel of their products, this item is an item that you can DIY at home ! pack_series_diy_stool_02 The kit itself is simple enough, allowing users to successfully put together their own stools, either by themselves or as a fun group activity with family and friends. In order to allow customers the option of customizing their choice, these stools can be ordered in your choice of ash or teak timber with 4 colours to choose from for the powder-coated steal supports. pack_series_diy_stool_03 A great addition to the living room or perhaps on the balcony or a sun deck to sit on and watch a sunset, this is an item worth considering, just in the nick of time for summer !

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