PA1 Wall Stereo System

The PA1 Wall Stereo System is a bluetooth stereo system. It can also be paired with another PA1 Wall Stereo System for true left/right stereo playback. pa1-wall-stereo-system-00 With a deep bass and a high pass frequency tweeter, the PA1 Wall Stereo System is sure to fill your room with clear music, deep and moving. The on/off LED helps indicate if the device is on or off. pa1-wall-stereo-system-2 The PA1 Wall Stereo System is an aluminum-bodied speaker that focuses on sound output and quality. Its x/lock cavity behind enables you to use the universal Wallee™ mounting system for wall mounting and possibly have it stand with its counterpart speaker stand. pa1-wall-stereo-system-3 The PA1 Wall Stereo System was also designed to remember devices. If a paired device is available, the device will connect automatically to play as soon as you turn it on. pa1-wall-stereo-system-4 Its contemporary design allows the PA1 Wall Stereo System to follow a minimalist design that will suit your modern home. pa1-wall-stereo-system-5 Video:

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