P2P: Turn Paper Into Pencils

By July 16, 2014 IPPINKA BLOG, Product Stories

Its 2014, where now more than ever our society is focused on a green revolution and trying to reduce our carbon footprint. This clever device does just that: billed as an office waste processor, the machine takes used memos and other recyclable pieces of paper and tranforms them into usable pencils.


The device is easy to use, completing its process from start to finish in just under a minute. Simply feed the waste paper into the designated slot and the machine rolls and compresses the it, inserts the lead, and then applies a small amount of glue to bond the pencil together. The pencil then automatically slides out the side hole which also doubles as an electric pencil sharpener.


Designed to sit on a desk, it plugs into the standard wall outlet and is small enough that it won’t clutter your workspace. As every office emits waste, this device smartly connects that waste stream with the office’s supply needs. As each pencil reflects the piece of paper used, no two pencils are the same, resulting in your own unique designs.


Although the user has to provide the lead and glue, this device is fun and is focused on sustainability, meaning it could be a great device to promote environmental consciousness where pencils are utilized on a daily basis, such as a school.

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