OvRcharge: Levitating Wireless Charger

Mystery meets technology with the OvRcharge. One may not believe the way it charges mobile phones and tablets, but AR Designs has included a feature that one might usually affiliate with magic: levitation. Yes, LEVITATION! Having a device with a particular propensity that appears as a magical action in folklore or fantastical stories is one to gravitate to. Not to mention, it’s also exciting to see. ovr-1 It comes in two pieces. One is piece is a wooden block shaped in a square. The other piece is a case that holds a mobile phone or tablet. Its width and length is 140mm and it’s height extends only to 33mm. Another version of the OvRcharge is the OvRcharge Ultra. Its size is 170mm in width and length with a height of 35mm. So both are not very big but very compact. The Ultra exerts 700mAh of power compared to 500mAh from the small one. Each can levitate 600grams. ovr-2 There is a scientific explanation for levitation in the OvRcharge. Although it may be more exciting for some to believe in magic, science only plays a factor. The use of magnetic fields is why levitation occurs. A magnetic field is enforced between the OvRcharge’s case, which encloses a mobile device, and its wooden block. ovr-3 Specifically, the case has a magnet that faces the the wooden square block; thus a magnetic field is enforced and counter gravitational acceleration occurs giving a lift and rotation between the case and the wooden block. A mobile device charging in the OvRcharge will continue to levitate even at full battery power. An induction receiver was made inside the case to facilitate the battery charge. ovr-4 The phones or tablets that the OvRcharge can charge are made from: Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, and the Huawei. However, it does take a longer time to charge than your regular plug-in charger. Regardless, it is a newer technology that is very sufficient and has an exterior appeal. If one is diligent about charging their personal electronic devices, the slower time for charging isn’t really a drawback. This is one cool piece to have and to look at!

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