Ovie Smarterware: The First Connected Food Storage System

Up to 40% of the food in America is thrown away, or becomes waste. There is a large food waste problem that needs to be stopped. It is a waste of produce, time, and money. The solution to this problem has been created, and it is an extremely innovative product. The people at Ovie have incorporated cutting-edge technology with Tupperware to create Smarterware. Ovie has created a unique and helpful way to store your food. Smarterware integrates different forms of technology, including their very own app and Amazon Alexa. Simply attach to the container and tell Alexa what you are tracking. The food then gets logged onto the app so you are able to track what food is nearing the end of its lifespan. The Smarterware is connected to the Ovie Hub that you plug in, and the information is put into the cloud which shared it with any connected device. Ovie is currently compatible with Amazon Alexa, but is trying to integrate its system with other time saving smart speakers. There are attachable SmartTags that fit into any Ovie container, clip or universal connecter. The tag indicates the state of your food. A green light signifies that the food is still fresh, yellow means it has entered the halfway point of its expected duration, and red signals to throw the food out. In addition to tracking the lifespan of food and produce, the app sends reminders of what food is going bad. It can also suggest recipes based on what you have tracked in your fridge. Their database is programmed to know how long each food item lasts, and keeps track of what is in your fridge so you don’t have to. The Ovie Smarterware is a big step to eliminating unnecessary food waste. It saves a significant amount of food, and saves you from wasting money. There is no need to think about what to cook or stress about if a food item is still edible with Ovie.

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