ŌURA Ring: A Wellness Tracker, Always on Hand

What if I were to tell you that a small, wearable ring would help you sleep better and perform more efficiently on a day-to-day basis? It sounds bizarre, but the ŌURA ring does just that. ŌURA is a revolutionary, ring-sized computer and app duo that aims to help improve readiness and your ability to perform better physically and emotionally. oura-ring-04 The ring can tell when you are sleeping and works to determine the quality of rest. It measures your heart rate (optically), your body temperature, your movement and your respiration rate. The ring can also determine what you’re up to throughout the day. ŌURA measures all physical activity, or lack thereof. It also estimates the amount of calories burned each day. From there, all you need to do is refer to the ŌURA app to get additional suggestions regarding the intensity of your daily activities, as well as activity-related suggestions that will improve your sleep each night. oura-ring-02 The ŌURA ring’s advanced technology and algorithms are able to identify different stages of sleep along with periods of wakefulness. The information accumulated nightly helps provide the necessary suggestions needed to have productive days and restful nights. oura-ring-03 The percentage that is displayed on the ŌURA app is known as your readiness score. The score is calculated using all of the data, physiological signals, activity patterns, and sleep patterns that are obtained through the ring itself. 497844f4c1c6e1bdb10073530a880020_original What’s so great about the ŌURA ring is that it requires no work. Simply place it on your finger, go about your day, and let it do all of the work. It’s a lightweight, comfortable and stylish accessory that helps improve both your emotional and physical health.

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