Ostrich Pillow Go: Comfort For All Necks

By December 27, 2016 IPPINKA BLOG, Product Stories

The Studio Banana Things, a design studio, believed that travellers needed the best support and comfort for their neck when travelling for both long and short periods of time. The neck is considered to be the most susceptible body part for strain and fatigue, and it was believed to need more care and comfort for travellers. The Ostrich Pillow Go wraps around a person’s neck and is padded and styled in a way to give one the ultimate comfort and relief during a rest period when travelling. As with Studio Banana Things other successes, the Ostrich Pillow Go offers a similar benefit just in a different form, hence the idea of it.


Most of us have been in motion in need of a nap. Having a restful sleep requires enough comfort to make us feel like we benefited from that rest. A pillow that uses viscoelastic memory foam that universally wraps around your neck has been researched to be the best solution for an excellent rest on the go. That elasticity of it has the right amount of softness for comfort, and its wrapping design around the neck provides the right full support.


The Ostrich Pillow Go has magnets inside of it to keep this pillow closed when wrapped around one’s neck. There are three magnets to make it adjustable for any neck size too. The foam is covered with a removable, washable cotton sleeve. Also, the Ostrich Pillow can be reduced in volume by 60%. This is a very helpful product quality to have as it can be stored taking up less space.


If you have travelled, and have had discomforting experiences where you now know you can use an addition for the comfort and care for your neck the next time you travel, this product will positively do that. This product once needed to be funded on the Indiegogo website, but can now be purchased on the following website: https://ostrichpillow.com/.


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