Osmo Launches Leap Motion-Style iPad Gaming Platform

The companies Oculus Rift along with Leap Motion are continuing to develop more innovative ways that make gaming more fun, educational, interesting and unique. Osmo is also planing to use this platform and bring Leap Motion-style gameplay to anyone with an iPad. Osmo- Launches- Leap- Motion-Style -iPad -Gaming- Platform- 2 Osmo’s hardware is the combination of an iPad stand and a small mirror, basically it uses the reflective artificial intelligence technology which consists of a base that props up the iPad as well as a small mirror which is placed over the iPad’s camera. The mirror then flips the camera so it points down at the area directly in front of the screen which then enabls users to play games on the iPad without even needing to touch the display. Osmo- Launches- Leap- Motion-Style -iPad -Gaming- Platform.3 The company still needs to raise $50,000 through it’s crowdfunding campaign so they can finish the last step for the production. To add on, the device includes three different games: Tangram, Words as well as Newton and are targeted for children aged between 6- 12 and include many levels. Osmo-Launches- Leap- Motion-Style- iPad- Gaming- Platform-06 This product has already been very successful in classrooms, as it lets the students interact with one another while playing the games as well, and not just focus on the screen alone. Osmo- Launches- Leap- Motion-Style- iPad- Gaming- Platform-04 Video

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