Orilamp: The Smart, Portable & Shapeable Lamp

Beautifully designed, innovative, portable and shapeable lamp, Orilamp takes lighting to the next level. More than just an ordinary lamp, it boasts Bluetooth connectivity with an app to control settings and can be bent, twisted and shaped, taking its inspiration from the art of origami. Designed by a versatile team, Orilamp is a multipurpose creation that can be used in a variety of settings. Lightweight and compact, you can take this portable light anywhere you go. Set the mood on a romantic picnic or carry it on your next family camping trip for some extra hours of light after the sun goes down. orilamp2 Its modern and flexible design allows the lamp to function as a decorative or functional piece. Place it on your desk for extra light while you work, use it as an emergency lamp or display it as an accent lamp in your living space or patio. orilamp3 Orilamp even helps you snag a fresh start to your day! Because Orilamp is a smart lamp, you can set it to gradually turn on, mimicking natural light to gently ease you out of sleep each morning, replacing the awful, jolting sounds of an alarm clock! orilamp4 Easy to use and entirely compatible with iOS and Android, you can change and manipulate the settings of your lamp with just one swipe through the accompanying app. Here, you can set your lamp as an alarm, adjust brightness and monitor the battery life, which should last seven hours when fully charged. Made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, Orilamp is a unique blend of natural, FSC certified wood, heat-resistant NOMEX paper and LED lights. Catering to your personal tastes and décor, you can also opt for a German Blond Birch or an American Black Walnut finish. orilamp5 A smart, portable and shapeable lamp, Orilamp is fit for any space and can be used outdoors or inside for extra light or to create the perfect mood for any occasion. With Bluetooth connectivity, turning lights on or off, adjusting brightness and monitoring battery-use has never been easier! Light up your life with Orilamp.

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