The Origin Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

With summer just around the corner, the thrill seekers and explorers are dusting off their summer equipment and gearing up for the next adventure. For the paddle boarding adventurer, Origin Paddleboards founded by Neal Carter-James and Neil Parmenter have created what they say is the best inflatable paddle board in the market. Designed and hand-crafted at their in-house facility in Switzerland, Origin Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards are light, strong and easy to transport all around the world. Origin 7 Some of the characteristics that make Origin Paddleboards so prideful in their product are the less than 8kg weight and the Gel Coat Second Skin which makes for better lateral roll, greater board control and increased speed. Origin Paddleboards also have a cork deckpad which is both stylish and comfortable, and an airtight membrane for increased air retention and higher internal pressure. The Gel Coat Second Skin is a liquid coating that uses the same principles as shark skin to give the boards a uniquely accentuated rail shape and increase the strength of the boards without compromising the weight. Origin 4 Along with the design-led boards themselves, Origin Paddleboards come with a K-Pump K20, a FCS 9” Tour Fin and a Waxed Canvas Bag. The K-Pump floats and makes inflating the Origin boards effortless. It also comes with a Kwik Check Gauge for evaluating air pressure. The FCS 9” Tour Fin boasts a responsive glass flex construction, seamless leading edge and streamlined design for increased maneuverability. Finally, the Waxed Canvas Bag is water resistant, incredibly strong and stylish. It is made in Great Britain and offers inflatable paddleboard users the ability to easily pack up deflated boards and gear for quick transportation. The Canvas Bag makes using the Origin Paddleboards organized and simple. Origin 6 However, quality manufacturing is not the only thing Origin Paddleboards focuses on. In their pursuit of the making the best paddleboard, they attempted to test their creations in some very unorthodox ways. They threw their boards off dams, jacked up cars by inflating stacks of them underneath and they even inflated them to the exploding point simply to see what that was. All in an effort to make sure that their boards would not fail you in the middle of your adventures. Because of this extensive testing, Origin offers a 3-year warranty for their inflatable paddleboards. Origin Paddleboards dreams of making the best inflatable stand up paddleboard in the world so that everyone can use them to explore. Whether for yoga on the water or races on a lake, Origin uses their in-house manufacturing facilities in Switzerland and their paddleboard technicians to continually upgrade their work. Origin 5 What might be the most interesting part about the company Origin Paddleboards is that with every board sold, they provide a child in the developing world with clean water for life! Origin calls it their Water for Life Pledge. Origin Paddleboards states that they are not selling ideas, but simply the best boards they know how to make. What they hope to encourage in the use of their inflatable paddleboards in that more people will be interested in paddle boarding and stories can be made while doing so. If you are interested in Origin Paddleboards you can view their Kickstarter here or their official website to purchase their boards here.

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