The Origami : A Foldable Cardboard Laser Printer

Printing your own printer. That’s possibly the only way I can summarize the novelty of this product in less than 5 words. Origami is a laser printer much like any other printer – it prints, it uses ink, it takes up needed space on your much too small desk and many other functions, except for one tiny characteristic : it’s made out of cardboard. A Samsung design, the idea first came to light when the principle designer at Samsung, Seungwook Jeong made a trip to a donut shop. While waiting, his attention was caught by the way donuts were packaged into boxes to make their transport easy and compact, and that’s when the idea suddenly hit him – why not use that with printers ? The idea is that, just like donuts, one could put the engine of a laser printer into a paper box designed as a printer, right in front of the customers. origami_samsung_foldable_printer_02 The material used for the box is minimalistic in appearance, a corrugated cardboard exterior, one that can easily be recycled once it can no longer be used. This is essentially the appeal of this new model of printer, i.e., its eco-friendly nature. While nothing has yet been said about the durability of the material, Samsung does state that the material used to make Origami is fire and water resistant, hence less prone to external damage. The accessible nature of the cardboard material used to manufacture the box into which the engine of the printer would be placed also makes this printer much more cost-friendly and easier to manufacture. While this product is just a prototype for now, it is something that fits in well with today’s culture of sustainability and recycling, perhaps even taking it a step further by combining both sustainability and recycling and bringing it to the professional environment, an environment perhaps most known for its tendency to waste.

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