Oree Pebble: Wireless Charging Pad

There is a vast range of good looking and attractive options out there for wireless audio speakers, as well as wireless charging port for just about any phone in the market. What there isn’t though is a single device that serves both of these functions. The Pebble developed by Orée does both of these and more. Oree-Pebble-Wireless-Charging-Pad-02 The Pebble uses the Qi inductive charging standard, which means any devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, Nexus 5 and 7, various Nokia Lumia and any phone that relies on Qi charging will work just fine. Simply rest the device on top and it will automatically begin wireless charging. Although Apple doesn’t support this function, you can simply purchase a power sleeve made by Orée that will allow iPhones to join. What really sets the Pebble apart is it’s elegant, minimalist and classy look. It is made from a single block of Carrare white marble, French wallnut or tilia depending on user’s choice. Even the USB cable is made of fabric braided material that will upgrade it’s overall look. Oree-Pebble-Wireless-Charging-Pad-03 Pebble also comes with a Bluetooth speaker that broadcasts in every direction, and a omnidirectional microphone for speakerphone calls. The overall wireless charging port is a beautiful material crafted luxury product that you can add to your coffee table. Video:

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