Orbitwheels: Scoot Around In Fancy Wheels

An innovative twist on inline rollerblades and skateboards, comes the Orbitwheel. Shane Chen of Inventist has designed a hybrid skate that gives you a wheel attached directly to each foot. The Orbitwheel has a bit of a learning curve, as does rollerblades, but it has a stylish, futuristic look that offers a different skate park experience for wheeled sports. orbitwheels-scoot-around-in-fancy-wheels-03 Once you learn how to use the Orbitwheel, the experience becomes a breeze. There is more freedom of movement than with either a skateboard or inline rollerblades and the connecting band allows you to learn comfortably before attempting serious stunts. The motion is super fluid, because unlike a skateboard, you don’t need to push off to create momentum. The Orbitwheel picks up on your own motion, like a wave and allows you to move continuously for a long period of time. The big hoop of the wheel gives the ability to ride on multiple surfaces, as long as the surface remains relatively smooth to avoid getting stuck. orbitwheels-scoot-around-in-fancy-wheels-02 The Orbitwheel is lightweight and thin, so it fits into a backpack easily and is portable enough to carry with you anywhere. It comes in red and black or green and grey. With a quick snap, your feet fit into the stirrups and you can glide away. The sideways motion is reminiscent of a skateboard, but the ability to move both your feet is like inline skates. The combination hybrid of the two offers a thrilling new experience. orbitwheels-scoot-around-in-fancy-wheels-04

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