Orbitkey: Organized Key, USB, And Bottle Opener Holder

Be honest, are your keys still held together by the tacky keychain your aunt gave you when you were 12? Maybe it’s time to make an upgrade this holiday season with the Orbitkey Clutter-Free Key Holder, found in IPPINKA’s permanent collection. orbitkey-04 Utilizing a locking mechanism, coated edges and double-sided cowhide leather for extra strength, the Orbitkey exerts pressure on your folded keys to keep them in place, organized and safe. orbitkey-05 The Orbitkey’s tight grip has the added bonuses of keeping your keys from scratching the delicate screens of your devices and prevent that annoying jingling sound ringing in your wake. It holds 2-7 keys and also features an attachment to hold your larger car keys. orbitkey-01 The Orbitkey has a full suite of add-ons to give your keyring more versatility including a bottle opener and slim 8 and 32 gigabit USB drives. Orbitkey-04 (1) You can get your Orbitkey in either a bright, colourful extra active elastomer band or a more subdued, stitched premium leather; whichever you feel makes it your own. orbitkey-02 No matter what colour or make you pick, rest assured that the Orbitkey will keep the keys to your kingdom safe and stylish.  

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