Optimal Posture Office Chair

The Optimal Posture Office Chair prevents the bad habit of hunching over at your desk. No matter how hard you try to sit up straight, your body natural falls and this chair’s multiple positions will make it impossible to droop. Doctors at Wooridul Spine Hospital in Korea helped create a chair that supports your back and keeps you from slouching.


While typing away at your desk, the armrests keep your chest from falling forward. In addition, the seat has a pelvic support with a forward slope, so your buttocks rises above your knees and are always separated. This will help diminish the stress to your back, shoulders and neck.


Turning the chair 180 degrees will transform the armrest into a backrest. The backrest will force your chest forward and your shoulders back. Once leaning on it, the chair will allow you to have proper posture and decrease back strain.


Moreover, the chair has six casters, built-in footrests and the seat is adjustable. Whether you are at the office typing a day’s work or at home reading a book, the Optimal Posture Office Chair will keep your bad habits at bay.

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