Opera Trailer Tent: Luxury Outdoor Living

Aiming at a fresh, rejuvenating outdoor camping experience, but want your privacy, luxury, and comforts of home? The Opera Trailer Tent is a true example of luxury outdoor living. opera-trailor-tent-01 The Opera Trailer Tent is an icon of elegance, style and modern design. It is compact and easy to tow around. The design is inspired by the Sydney Opera House, while the canopy is made out of yacht type canvas that unfolds like a swan. opera-trailor-tent-002 Equipped with two electrically adjustable beds that can be transformed into one, the Opera Trailer Tent comes with a refrigerator, kitchen, boiler, storage, two cupboards, LED lighting, ceramic toilet and an exterior shower. opera-trailor-tent-02 opera-trailor-tent-04 opera-trailor-tent-05psd With the Opera Trailer Tent as your compact suite in nature, camping on wheels becomes a whole new luxurious experience – a perfect mobile holiday package.

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