Open Space Bedroom Furniture

We spend almost as much time sleeping as we do being awake. Therefore, it’s important that your bed is something you look forward to coming to at the end of the day. However, if you live in the big city and are tight on space, but don’t want to give up the luxury of a king-sized slumber paradise, what is there to do? Open Space is a convertible bed that re-imagines the bedroom space as exclusively for the bed. The convertible nature of this furniture piece will breathe life into your room. Masterminded by the Italian based design company, CLEI, a brand focused on delivering innovation and versatility.They are looking to provide the consumer with a next level solution to storage problems. They are moving with the demands of a younger generation for multifunctional furniture that suits any living requirement. Their philosophy blends together research and creative engineering to rise above the rest. A receiver of the Red Bubble Design Award Honourable Mention in 2013, their beautiful creation is amazingly multipurpose. It is sleek, minimalist and will have your guests astonished by what it can do. To make way for a gathering, just fold up the bed against the wall with minimal effort so you and your guests can all relax. Ease your bed into a new bookcase or a sturdy storage unit. Open Space is especially handy for students who need to utilize their small surroundings. Clei offers various sizes of beds from single to a king to suit any need. Never compromise on your comfort simply because situations get tight. Instead, make the most of what you have and relish in the fact that innovations like Open Space furniture are here to help.

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