Open One: High Performance Ski & Snowboard Jacket

While winter provides us with breathtaking snow scenery, sometimes it’s just way too cold outside. Called Open One, this affordable waterproof winter jacket was created by Open Wear, a company that strives for complete transparency and eco-friendliness. Open-One-02 The idea, according to Open Wear’s co-founder Martijn Jegerings, came from a day of hiking. He said, “We weren’t satisfied with the available outerwear and set a clear goal: let’s make the best products for powder days affordable.” Open One’s funding on the Kickstarter website shortly began in June 2016. Open-One-09 Open One is a powder ski and snowboard jacket for winter adventurists, but it can still definitely be a winter jacket for casual wear. Unlike a lot of winter coats that sacrifice comfort and mobility for warmth, Open One is a three-layered functionally-shaped jacket that can protect you from snowstorms and wind gusts of any degree. Open-One-landscape-03 The three-layered system, a.k.a the union system, has a thermo-base layer and a soft-shell and down mid layer. This lets you easily adjust how warm you want to feel. What makes Open One extremely unique is that it does not have any insulation. By picking the right base and mid layers, you can wear the jacket for both winter or spring weathers without overheating or under-dressing for either. Open-One-08 Open One jackets are also packed with a multitude of features. Features of this 100 percent waterproof jacket include: easy phone access, GPS and smartwatch access, water bottle pocket, cohesive cord lockers, tile location tracker pocket, inner pocket, ventilation, powder skirt, huge pockets, and a high collar. Open-One-features-04 Thanks to two project backers, Vincent de Jong and his friend Mike Woning, the Open Wear company was able to print the reminder, “Beacon on? Phone in backpack!” on the smartphone access strap. According to the two backers, smartphones can interfere with signals sent out by avalanche rescue beacons. Open-One-phone-strap-06 Open One uses 100 percent recycled polyethylene-terephthalate bottles in its production. This, however, does not reduce the companies eco-friendly materials, high performance jacket’s functionality and quality at all. In fact, Open One can be compared to other high-quality winter product brands.Open-One-comparison-chart-07 The Open Wear company prices its jackets at less than 50 percent of the other brand’s jacket costs. The reason being is the company has removed all unnecessary steps in the delivery cycle of its product. This, according to the company, means that it “can offer the same quality for a much better price.” Open-One-05 Open One was nominated for an award from ISPO BRANDNEW, the largest platform for sports startups worldwide. Open-One-01 “We want you to fully enjoy the best days of the season and therefore we make the best products and make them affordable,” said the Open Wear company that promises to be open about everything.

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