Onigiri by Greg Moogk

Greg Moogk was inspired by the traditional Japanese snack, Onigiri, when he came up with the idea for this beautiful set of furniture. The essence of Onigiri (triangular rice ball) is in the way the seaweed wraps around the rice. onigiri-2 “In Japanese culture, the art of wrapping an object has become a ritual; not meant to be an easy task, but something that has become an art.” Greg wanted to replicate this experience of unwrapping an object: anticipation, unwrapping, exploration, and discovery. onigiri-3 Onigiri consists of 3 chairs, 3 cushions, and a table/storage container. The chairs are made of maple that was laminated and bent to become the form a traditional Japanese chair, zaisu. The table is made of solid walnut. All of it was handmade by Greg. onigiri-4 Greg is an artist and craftsman living in Toronto. He studied Environmental Design at the Ontario College of Arts & Design. Talented yet humble, he only agreed to me blogging about his work after weeks of bugging him.

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