ONELID: Multipurpose, Universal Pot Cover

Professional chef Sylvester Vantore knows all about your cooking woes, especially in the case of pot lids. Lids can get very hot, can be heavy, and liquids boiling over can cause a mess. With help from Danish designer Martin Sonne, the duo created a universal pot cover to tackle a traditional pot lid’s shortfalls. ONELID’s design is innovative, simple, and functional – just what the chef ordered.onelid_03 The ONELID is designed to be as functional as possible. It is a universal pot cover that will fit your existing pots (up to 22 cm in diameter), and also functions as a strainer. The bottom of the lid has a set of grooves that run from one side of the to the other. This allows steam to escape when the lid is on a boiling pot, and it also works as a strainer. The bottom of the lid has a shallow downward slope that lets condensation drip back down into the pot, and gives steam a way out. Because the grooves in the lid allows steam to escape, there is less boiling over. onelid_02 The ONELID is made out of silicone, which has a lot of advantages. The ONELID is heat-resistant, easy to clean (dishwasher safe!), non-stick, resistant to bacteria, and non-toxic. The handle remains almost at room temperature while covering a boiling pot of water, and the silicone is easy to grip and handle. A silicone, one-size-fits-all universal pot lid would have been a great on its own (no more clanging through different pot lids to find the one you need), but the added built-in strainer and the innovative design of the lid’s underbelly make ONELID truly unique. Here’s to re-inventing the pot cover! Video:

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